i’ve attempted to write an introduction to this blog approximately three times now. nothing seems adequate. in the meantime, little bits of our days that i want to share are going un-blogged, simply because i can’t figure out the right way to start things off. so, forget it. i’m just jumping right in. leap, and the net will appear. so i’m leaping. here is what’s happening in our days lately.

i got to spend an entire hour at one of my favorite cafés all by myself before 9am. fellow mothers, is this not the most treasured of opportunities?!
cafe morning

i’m finally finishing tzofie’s birthday present: an heirloom growth chart. full post to come.
blog photos 009blog photos 007

another birthday present arrived from grammy. tzofie has hardly let the little puppy out of her grip.
blog photos 044blog photos 034

i thoroughly enjoyed a night of yoga with my amazing friend and teacher, jenna, followed up by beer and carrot cake at a sweet cooperative café, salon shabazi.
blog photos 011

lastly, we’re all a little sick, so we’ve been making a lot of this nutrient rich tea blend. recipe and herbal information below.
blog photos 060blog photos 048

¼ c alfalfa
¼ c oat straw
2T elder flowers
2T chamomile
1T nettle leaf powder (or ¼ c nettle leaf)

-place all the herbs in a liter mason jar.
-fill with boiling water.
-cover the jar and let steep for 6 hours.
-strain, re-heat, and enjoy.

herbal words:
nettles and oat straw are both incredibly nutritive to the body in general, oat straw specifically for the nervous system. together they strengthen and support the physical and emotional body as it deals with sickness. chamomile and elder flowers are both veritable medicine chests on their own. both are especially helpful with upper respiratory congestion, are anti-inflamatory, and antiseptic. alfalfa is a great detoxifier and has also shown to increase white blood cells which are your body’s first line of defense against infection.


3 responses

  1. You, my dear, are truly an “old soul” and I love and admire you for it. I can’t wait to read more posts about your beautiful life. Please kiss Tzofie for me.

  2. Emily I always knew you would grow up to be an admired by all mother, friend, wife, sister, etc… I am so proud of you. I love your blog. Tzofie is beautiful and we all miss you here!!!!
    Becky 🙂

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