while the week is certainly not over in most parts of the world, here in israel, thursdays tend to feel like the last day for me. friday, though still part of the week, is so full of cleaning, cooking and preparing for shabbat that it is a bit like its own entity. in my mind, there’s the week, there’s friday, and there’s shabbat. it’s a tad more complicated than the american work week/weekend paradigm.

so today i’m beginning a weekly post that i will repeat every thursday. it’s called BOTH/AND. i’ll explain.

i first wanted to do a weekly post about what i’ve been grateful for in the preceding days. but i’ve always felt a little dissatisfied with “gratitude lists”. not because i’m ungrateful, but rather because they felt incomplete, inauthentic, and simplistic to me. by saying, “i’m grateful for cookies” (which i am, by the way) it was as if i was saying “that’s all there is to my view on cookies. it’s done and settled, i’m grateful for cookies and that’s that.” i know, i know, as my sister so kindly pointed out in a comment on my previous post, i’m crazy. it’s true, she knows me well. but this dissatisfaction feels like a good thing. it allows me to feel hopeful, to feel the possibility for growth, movement and even more gratitude. i don’t want to just feel grateful for something and have that be a kind of settling, as if that’s all to be experienced.  rather, i want to feel BOTH grateful AND aspiring.

so here it is, my BOTH/AND list for the week.

i am grateful for // i aspire to:

these flowers on my table // plant my own flower garden so my vases can be filled with flowers i grew myself.
blog photos 003

new coffee from aura coffee. malawi aa, brewed with a hario v60 pour over cone. // spend some time on a coffee farm again so that i will remember the long and difficult path my coffee has traveled to bring me such pleasure every morning.
blog photos 004

the artist’s way // open up to the process of creative self-discovery.
blog photos 005

these jeans by nudie jeans co. 100% organic raw denim. // have my own pair again (i’m wearing alex’s because mine have been destroyed. passively of course, not like i put them in the dryer by accident or anything.)
blog photos 007

new sketch book and colored pencils, (and spelt limoniyot cookies from the natural choice bakery) // take a photography course, because i’m really not very good at drawing.
blog photos 009

what’s on your BOTH/AND list this week?



3 responses

  1. thankful for you and the opportunity to be your mother // aspiring toward being the best grandmother I can be. Love your thoughts. 🙂
    Mama XOXO

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