hope your week has been going well. here’s this week’s both/and list.

i am grateful for//aspiring to:

an evening spent with jenna (of rooting to rise) enjoying wine, her homemade fudge (omg.) and conversation that re-inspired me to change the world for good // keep that inspiration with me, and have more nights like this one
*photo by jenna

completed diy doors on my sideboard so that some of our books might survive the destruction of tzofie chana // do more myself
blog photos 001

so many goat dairy products in this country which allowed me to make rhubarb pecan scones entirely free of cow’s milk // appreciate this abundance while i can
blog photos 002blog photos

the incredible women in my community, one of whom created this amazing megillat esther // do more torah-related art like this
blog photos 004blog photos 005

bath time, because this baby is growing so fast // treasure this time in her life
blog photos 006

nap time, because every ima (mother) needs moments like this // not feel guilty about that
blog photos 007

what’s on your both/and list this week?


2 responses

  1. I am grateful for having grown up with such inspiring and artistic souls like you and Mary Whitfield// aspiring to keep fueling that artistic soul in myself:)

    Love you! Give Tzofie kisses from me!

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