this week has been so full and i felt like everything could have been blog-worthy. but, being a novice at this, i forgot to photograph things, fell asleep early, and got wrapped up in all the goodness that is filling our days. for starters, my sister and her boyfriend are visiting us for a week starting TOMORROW! i have been in full out preparation mode, making plans, baking, re-organizing. it’s all so much fun, but probably entirely unnecessary. also, purim. oh my goodness, purim. it is like a crafty jewess’s time to shine. seriously. between the costumes and the mishloach manot (little food gifts to hand out), i have been having a blast planning and crafting it all. i’ll leave our costumes a secret and hopefully make a whole post about it. they’re still in the works. so needless to say, i have a lot to be grateful about this week, and as usual, a lot to work towards as well. here’s what inspired those feelings in me this week.

an evening spent with amazing women in honor of one billion rising’s mass global action to end violence against women and girls. // be more conscious about my femininity and what that means in today’s world.

blog photos 001

leftover ribollita soup all week! // make big pots of soup like this more often.

blog photos 003

so many cookies in anticipation of nora’s visit. // not eat them all before she gets here.

blog photos 006 blog photos 007

the fact that passion fruit season has begun! // enjoy them and not complain that they are different from peruvian grenadillas.






blog photos 008

we live in israel and can get organic citrus and avocados in our csa. // let tzofie explore and learn, even if it means she eats a little dirt.

blog photos 014

SPRING! ALMOND BLOSSOMS! SUN! // accept that this may have been just a fluke in our weather and it’s okay if real spring hasn’t arrived yet.

blog photos 022

what’s on your both/and list this week?


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