i’m emily, a 24-year-old native wisconsinite, living in jerusalem, israel. i love to do yoga and crafts. i like baking, but like eating baked things even more. i am passionate about truth, justice and coffee. i never want to be out of touch with my soul, or what’s cool. i am paradox. i am married to alex, a super healthy rabbi-to-be, who also happens to be secretly hilarious and a dedicated meditator. we have the sweetest (and silliest) little girl, tzofiah chana who just turned one! collectively, we love food. beyond that, we all diverge a bit. but in a very good way. in our days, we eat, we read, we make things and we love. all in our own ways. i’m working on making the most of it all.

this blog was started as a way of documenting our daily life. i hope it will be a practice of gratitude and reflection on what really matters, while also giving me the space to voice the struggles and pleasures of motherhood, judaism, maintaining my identity, developing my style, being environmentally-conscious, living slowly, and still having fun.

i want this space to feel relevant and welcoming to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or parental status. this isn’t a “jewish mom” blog. it’s an “emily weisberg blog”. i just happen to be both jewish and a mom. maybe i’ll post about baby toys and bon iver in the same week. i’m just that radical.


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